KC Exotic Air Plants

KC Exotic Air Plants
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Company Description:

Many years ago Mr. Clark brought home some Air Plants that an older gentleman had told him about while he was on one of his fishing trips. He was talking to the man about how "I kill plants". This man telling him how hardy they were and that they could bloom. That was it.

He brought me home about 5 or 6 plants that I had no idea what to do with them. No instructions of course. I put them in a clear Pyrex bowl in front of the picture window. Not knowing what to do with them I may have watered them every three months. "But they Lived".

The growing and studying of Air Plants quickly became a passion. KC Exotic Air Plants was created in 1991. We have taught thousands of people how to take care of and grow Air Plants. In traveling all over the US we have sold over 500,000 Air Plants.

If you have ever bought an Air Plant it is a good chance you bought it from us. We've did many Craft, Home and Garden Sows, State and County Fairs. We educate and speak at a lot of Garden Clubs.

We know what kind of plants you want to see and will only bring you the best.